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The Growth of Property Guardians

The Risks of a Vacant Property


Many people who struggle to sell to sell their property end up with vacant properties. Vacant properties are often confused with unoccupied properties. A vacant property is defined as one where the residents have moved out and have taken their belongings with them while an unoccupied property is one where the resident has moved out but their personal belongings and furniture are still present in the property. A vacant property poses a few risks for the owner, some of which include:


Property Damage

Because no one resides in the property, Raleigh Siding warns that unauthorized parties can enter the property and use it for purposes which might result in damages in the property.



Because no one resides in the property, if a disaster were to strike such as a fire, it is more likely to result in a large unmanageable disaster which will be very costly on the owner.


You might be wondering what there is to steal in a property with nothing in it! Well, thieves will always find something to steal and vacant properties are easy targets for them.


There are many who cannot afford decent living conditions so a vacant property becomes the solution to their home problems. Squatting is the unlawful occupation of a vacant property.


Vacant Properties and Property Guardians


So what do you do if you have a vacant property on the market for a very long time and it is just not being sold? Do you leave it to deteriorate? Certainly not!!! There is a new concept which fully utilizes vacant properties. This is the concept of property guardianship which was first developed in The Netherlands in the 1990s as a solution for cheap and temporary living/working space for students and artists. This concept quickly took on another form and developed into a form of temporary housing which has spread to other Raleigh Siding during the last ten years. 


So what exactly is the concept of property guardians and how exactly does it work? Well, there are some people such as students and artists who are unable to rent housing in expensive inner city areas. With property guardianship, these people are given a cheaper rental alternatives; however, the law surrounding property guardians is quite different from the law surrounding property tenants. A greater number of restrictions apply to property guardians. These include:


They are not allowed to have any children or dependents.

They are limited to the number of visitors allowed.

They have a shorter notice period, usually two weeks.

They do not have exclusive possession of the property.

They have permission to inhibit only certain parts of a property. 


Because they do not have exclusive possession of the property, the owner of the property or a company such as VPS which is company that manages vacant properties can enter any part of the property at any time without notice. They can even enter the guardian’s room without notice. This is normally done to carry out inspections and to monitor that the terms of the agreements are being met.


Property Guardianship Recently Launched in Northern Ireland


This concept has recently been launched in Northern Ireland by the largest property guardian company in Europe, Camelot Property Management. There are tens of thousands of residential properties in Northern Ireland. There is no reason why these properties should be left empty and unoccupied. Property guardianship allows the owners of these properties to protect and maintain their property and at the same time, provide affordable accommodation for those who cannot afford otherwise. 


Becoming a property guardian


Are you in need of affordable accommodation? If you are, you can become a property guardian. However, there are certain criteria that must be met if you want to become a property guardian.


You need to be flexible and responsible.

You need to be employed.

You need to earn no less than £14k per year.

You should be able to provide recent references

You need to be able to move immediately if required.

You should not have any children or any pets.

You need to undergo a Disclosure Barring Service check

You need to undergo a credit check

You need to provide proof of UK/EU residency


If you meet the above criteria, you can apply with a company such as The Vacant Property Specialists to become a property guardian. Here is all the information that you need to know on how to apply. Being a property guardian certainly has its benefits and even though there are some restrictions, you can still lead a normal life.


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