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Whats the best way to transport large objects

Special shipping

If you take a look around you, you will see many things, some of them big or heavy or odd-shaped. And most of them were manufactured far away from where they are now; sometimes, far across the ocean. And yet there they are, in front of you. That means that some people had to pick them at the factory, wrap them, load them on a vehicle and send them off miles and miles away to their final destination. And that takes a lot of effort, if you really think about it.

Some items are just quite easy to transport. Some clothes you're wearing might have been manufactured in the continent, and all it takes to ship them to the UK is a bag and a spot at a container. However, other things are very different. It takes a lot of work to ship them around, and yet, every day countless parcels with furniture, big decorative items, machines and even whole vehicles cross the oceans or get sent by air freight from point A to point B. 

Special cargo will always require special treatment and a bit of extra effort. Some goods require very specific conditions, like low temperatures or extreme care when handled, and they are always put under strict control. They need special containers with the necessary features, but that's not enough. Workers at ports or lorry companies might handle packages without much care or attention, so those who set goods for shipping should go the extra mile to ensure that all items are properly packaged, cushioned and protected.

Transporting large items: the DIY

You are unlikely to ship large items such as furniture or machines, unless you are relocating. Shipping only one large item or set of items is more frequent in the case of shops or online stores. Many entrepreneurs who want to launch a retail or craft business and offer to ship large items face this problem. However, the best online stores have figured out how to do it, and here are some tips if for one reason or another you need to send something big like a piece of furniture or something similar.

The first thing that you need is to decide whether you will go for traditional shipping or you'll try to transport the item by yourself. Of course, you won't pick it up and carry it on your shoulders, you need some sort of vehicle that has enough space and power to do the job. If you have some mean of transport, like a pickup truck, a caravan or a trailer, you have the option to use them for carrying the item to its destination. Provided, of course, that said destination is upon reach. No matter how last generation or super strong pickup truck you have, you can't drive it to Congo or Beijing. 

If you want to transport the parcel by yourself, you need to make sure it's properly secured, which means it should be packed so it is cushioned and protected from impact - covering it with a waterproof canvas is always a plus - and tied in place so it doesn't move when the vehicle turns or stops.


If you can't - or don't want to - transport the package yourself, you can always opt for shipping. Sure it will be more expensive, but it will mean much less effort for you, and you can reach any place in the world. You can try to do as much work as possible yourself, or you can contact DHL instead, the leading company in worldwide shipping. They have experts who will handle large objects and make sure they safely reach their destination.

You will realize that packing and shipping big items yourself is possible, but challenging. You need lots of wrapping material and a good technique to do it right. From the position of the items in the package to the final shape and dimensions of the parcel, everything must be planned and executed perfectly to ensure the integrity of the content. Remember that DHL, as well as all other shipping companies, has limitations when it comes to dimensions, so find out about those before you plan how to pack. 

Here is a tip that will be of great help for you in these cases: check this interactive packing list. If you're going to ship a large object, you will need to pack it well, and this tool can help you figure out what's the best way to do it and how you should get it done. Of course, you can save this for later too, because it will be useful for you even when you pack small objects.

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