Wine Tasting in Cambridge or in France

The appeal of wine tasting

Gone are the days when wine tasting was considered an exclusive activity for aristocrats, specialists and all around super rich people. Now anyone can enjoy the experience, learn the secrets of wine tasting and get in contact with the amazing variety of flavours, scents and textures the worldwide wine industry can offer.

Perhaps you could ask yourself, why wine tasting? What´s it about this activity that so many people want to try it nowadays? The truth is, a well prepared and well designed wine tasting session is an experience for the senses, a social event, an educational course and a very fun activity for yourself or to share with your friends or family.

Also, you don't have to be an expert to participate in a wine tasting session. Sometimes you do, and wine tasting activities are organized for experienced people only, as a way to share a profession or a hobby, but in many other cases these sessions are open for new people who want to learn how to appreciate different kinds of wine and train their perception so they can enjoy the experience of drinking wine in a deeper and more complete way. 

As you can see, tasting wine isn't just a fun thing to do, you can also learn new things and make friends with other people who share your same interest! It doesn't matter if you have never tried it before, just find somewhere to start and give it a go!

Wine tasting in Cambridge

You don't need to travel very far away to participate in wine tasting. Here in Cambridge you have a number of options for that. You can taste both English and international wines, and learn all the tricks about how to completely appreciate this classic beverage is all its potential. A great place for wine tasting in Cambridge is the Cambridge Wine School. Here you can learn all the secrets of wine tasting, as well as take part in tasting sessions with experts or other students like you. Full events can include lunch and champagne.

The Cambridge Wine School has great reputation, and has been awarded 5 stars on TripAdvisor, with countless positive reviews and testimonials. Not only does it offer tasting training, but also private testing sessions and even corporate events. At the Cambridge Wine School, you can try a wide array of national wines, and get to know our local production better. The United Kingdom might not be among the world's top wine producers, but we definitively have some good things to offer. 

Where else can you find good wine?

If you are a wine lover, or have become one after one or two tasting sessions, then you should open up to more places and markets where you can find top quality, memorable wines. Some countries have made themselves a name with their fine wine industries, including Argentina, Chile and Italy, but most people agree that the number one place where to find great wines is France. The perfect climatic and geographical conditions, combined with hundreds of years of wine tradition and experience make the French people perfect for elaborating world class wines, both at large chateaux run by powerful businesses, and countryside backyards with a few barrels and tons of family love.

If you want to give wine tasting in France a shot, then you should. There are plenty of activities oriented to introducing foreigners to local wines, many of which are worldwide famous for their quality. This will definitively be an experience you will never forget.

If you don't know where to start, we would suggest the area of Bordeaux, which is famous for its vineyards and wine production. There are websites that offer touristic packages and activities for wine lovers, or amateurs with great curiosity and openness to wonderful experiences. Our pick today is Guest in the City, a great alternative tourism website with a few amazing offers for vineyard tourism. Here you can find many options for wine tasting in Bordeaux, especially the famous "Route des Chateaux", or winery road.

At Guest in the City you can book these and many other activities which are offered to you directly by knowledgeable and nice local French hosts. You can plan your entire holidays in France in this website, where you can find meals, accommodation, cooking classes, city tours and plenty of activities designed to give you the true experience of France from the inside. You can read reviews on hosts and activities written by previous customers and pay with your credit card.

Of course, if you don't want to travel all the way to France or can't afford it, you can always do wine tasting in the UK. Wine tasting in Cambridge and other UK cities will often include English wines, but also French, Californian, Australian, South African, and South American wines. There are some great picks from all over the world. Click here to learn more about English wines, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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