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The Growth of Property Guardians

The Risks of a Vacant Property


Many people who struggle to sell to sell their property end up with vacant properties. Vacant properties are often confused with unoccupied properties. A vacant property is defined as one where the residents have moved out and have taken their belongings with them while an unoccupied property is one where the resident has moved out but their personal belongings and furniture are still present in the property. A vacant property poses a few risks for the owner, some of which include:


Whats the best way to transport large objects

Special shipping

If you take a look around you, you will see many things, some of them big or heavy or odd-shaped. And most of them were manufactured far away from where they are now; sometimes, far across the ocean. And yet there they are, in front of you. That means that some people had to pick them at the factory, wrap them, load them on a vehicle and send them off miles and miles away to their final destination. And that takes a lot of effort, if you really think about it.

Some items are just quite easy to transport. Some clothes you're wearing might have been manufactured in the continent, and all it takes to ship them to the UK is a bag and a spot at a container. However, other things are very different. It takes a lot of work to ship them around, and yet, every day countless parcels with furniture, big decorative items, machines and even whole vehicles cross the oceans or get sent by air freight from point A to point B.  Read More...

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  • The Growth of Property Guardians
  • Whats the best way to transport large objects

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